Billboard Bill


Billboards in the Metro are getting enough popularity and criticisms from different groups and individuals. The latest one on the hot seat is Bench’s billboard in Magallanes where Jake Cuenca poses for Lost in Summer Ad. Should the government ban these kinds of billboards?

Here’s the Santiago Bill that places a strict ban on the following billboards:

Those that obstruct or obscure the view of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, in such a manner as to endanger their movement;

Those that impair any scenic vista from the highway;

Those located in residential zones;

Those placed on any public property, telephone or utility poles, or natural features such as trees and rocks;

Those erected above the roof of any buildings;

Those that obstruct the windows or doorways of adjacent buildings.

In addition to the ban on certain billboards, the Santiago bill requires 1,000 feet distance of any billboard from any interchange, right-of-way, street intersection, or any of the following: historical site, school, church, hospital, retirement or nursing home, cemetery, governmental building, public parks, playground, recreation areas, and convention centers.

The Santiago bill limits the size of any billboard to 300 sq. ft., and limits the height to 50 ft., measured from ground level to the highest point of the billboard.


~ by tobeymarcks on February 12, 2010.

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