Singapore, Bangkok or Sydney

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I am planning to take a vacation anytime soon. Maybe around Christmas season. My Top 3 choices are Singapore – for I would like to check out opportunities for young professionals like me. Bangkok – to get a taste of Thai cuisine and to see where the ‘Love of Siam’ is. Sydney – to visit my very special friend… Matt.




Status: I’m in love again

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It’s been 6 years when I left home, old time friends, neighbors and my University. Everything flashed back in my mind while watching this movie on TV yesterday. I heard that this film’s making waves now in here in Manila, Philippines specially on networking sites and it’s pretty understandable — Everyone can relate to it. Everyone had experienced getting their hearts crushed, broken or stabbed. Most of us have done something good to ourselves or others, some of us cried in the rain, prayed while walking home or wishing that our dreams become reality. Yeah, I know. I’ve been there  because of crazy little thing called love.

After the Super Show!

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Super Junior

I got up from bed today @ 3PM. I’m working on uploading the photos from the Super Junior show at Araneta. I’m not satisfied with the quality of these pics on my phone 😦 but I’ll upload them still.

Nanotechnology Bringing Foods, Regulated or Not, to Grocery Near You – AOL News

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Nanotechnology Bringing Foods, Regulated or Not, to Grocery Near You – AOL News.

Pyramid Acoustic Version

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Enjoy the song guys.

Pyramid – Charice

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What a great combination of voices! I love this song.

For more infos, please visit:


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You’ve been seeing a lot of Super Junior photos on my blog right now because I’m crazy about their hairstyle, clothes and music. This April 10, they will be having their concert at Araneta. I bought a ticket last week and I’m trying to convince my other friends to come with me. You might  see more pictures from me after the concert. Anyways, I woke up today at 3AM. Got nothing to do muna, but to update my blog. I have plenty of things to accomplish this weekend. I’m thinking abut my promotion din. Wish me luck to get this interesting job in Accenture. This Monday, I’ll be having a meeting with my Onshore boss. He’s in New York. I hope, this conversation would open  a lot of doors for me learn more things.